The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Who is this man with that weird name?

Well, I was born this way. I live on Earth; the third planet in a solar system of nine. I work as a Technical Author by day, am an IT journalist by night and in between I write stories, too. Oh, and I happened to land on this earth in 1964. On a bright september day.

Weird fact(s)

My debut, set for 2019, is my 46st published book. In case you wonder how that’s possible, the answer is quite easy. The first 45 books (all written between 1998 and 2007) were all non-fiction. IT related. This one is my first ‘real’ book. A Young Adult Fantasy novel by the name Children of Little Might, published by Rethoric Askew Publishing.

On this blog I take you on a journey. We travel through many a wonderful world, both real and fantastic, with visits into the dungeons of IT where I try to share some of my knowledge; however limited that may be.


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