A Happy 2019

A Happy New Year!

I wish that some of your wishes come true, this year. That way you have something to look forward to and there is still a lot left to have left for the coming years.

My dream – ever since I picked up writing – was to get a book published. I published non-fiction (45 times, of which one was translated in Italian), but my real passion lies in fiction.

And this year, I see that dream come true.

The idea of the book

Montaque ‘Monty Hill’ Glupie has autism. When he find a book that promises to grant his every wish, he knows what to wish for.

Yet, let’s face it. Wishes never come true. Monty decides to make an impossible wish: His Paper Girl. If she appears, wishes are granted, but if she loves him, miracles exist and he can wish for whatever his heart desires.

When she appears, it lands him in hot water, and maybe first love, when he has to defend a kingdom in another world from his own school’s principal.


Presently we’re editing this book. In January we will do some more editing and hopefully, the book will be one step closer to getting published. I really look forward to holding that book in my hand and this year that will happen.


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