Queen Marissa, mother of Aislinn

Queen Marissa is born as Marissa Glundary, daughter of Jay and Kristin Glundary of Skye; a small village at the borders of Meggelan. Both Jay and Kristin are actors that appeared in several popular series. The most popular one, the one where both parents met as main characters, is called The Bent in the Flat Earth. It’s also the series where Marissa makes her first appearance as their newborn daughter.

But that’s an entirely different story. Marissa loves the outdoors. She roams the woods around Meggelan for years and often sneaks into the nearby military domain. A large, mostly uninhabited camp where only a handful of soldiers remain at the best of times. Before the Walking Sands, the desert that stripped Meggelan from its top merchant status.

With the Royal Gypsea overhead, the military camp buzzes with life. Amused she gazes at the patrols that pass her little camp about every fifteen minutes. Heavily armed men with grim faces pass her less than fifty yards away, and don’t spot her.

Marissa throws a last glance at the ship overhead. An almost circular ship docked. Soon the King and his son together with their personal detail step aboard.

She better moves. When the last soldier disappears between the dense bushes, she rises and heads in the opposite direction. She knows these woods better than anyone else. Even if a soldier saw her running, he wouldn’t do a thing. She’s a girl and they never take girls serious. Especially not fifteen year old girls.

Their bad.

She reaches a brook, where she stops. It’s really nothing else but a small ribbon of foamy water that battled itself across equally small boulders. It heads towards the lake, but that’s not where Marissa follows it until it disappears underground. To most, it disappears underground in a small, dirty and wet cave. Yet, Marissa knows there is an underground path that runs alongside the stream until it reaches an underground lake. From there a ladder and, eventually, a staircase end up in a pump house that takes care of the water required for the military camp. Marissa used it several times before and she plans to use it now as well.

She holds her hand above her eyes when she leaves the pump house. It’s a small, inconspicuously building right beside an open field with four poles in the middle.

She smiles as she lowers her hand again. Playful, almost. How a fifteen year old girl fools well trained soldiers is something for the newspapers tomorrow. Her uncle will love the pictures she takes for him. As expected, the shell-like semi- circular vessel attaches to one of the poles. Even before it’s moored, an elevator rises. Marissa enjoys the beauty of the ship, obviously build for the heat of war. When she spots the King, his son and their security detail, she switches on her zoom and starts snapping the pictures everyone will so enjoy. And which will make the Royal House look foolish.

Marissa may well not be aware, but those pictures finally take her to Sandborne House, where an entirely different story starts.

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