Children of Little Might seeks 50 readers to review on Amazon

In a couple of days the last round of changes start on Children of Little Might (1st chapter). This is the last round of editing before the book is made ready for publication. As things are now, I assume it will reach the Grand Public by October / November 2019.

And I look forward to it.

But I also need your help. To get reviews on Amazon. If, possible, on day one.

So you want to fake it? Buy my vote?

Ehrrr…. No. However strange it may sound, I’m not looking for 50 5-star reviews. I’m the author of this book – and I believe in it. But in the end, it’s the reader who decides whether it’s good or not. And that’s… You.

I’m looking for people who want to review it, whether that’s 1 star or 5 stars.

One star?

Yep. One star, provided you didn’t like it, of course. Though I’m going to be honest: I prefer something higher. Two stars, maybe? Or, three stars? Or, if you like it that much, four stars is okay, too.

What I’m actually looking for is honesty. Yes, this is my debut. In fiction. But it’s book 46. The 45 former books were non-fiction books. And some people didn’t like them, either. I remember one older guy who mailed me furiously. He bought it on the cheap and demanded I payed him back because it was outdated. He forgot he bought it cheap because it was outdated.


So I ask for honesty. You receive my book, around 90 days before it is available for everyone else. You read it and when it goes life on Amazon, the idea is that you review it, too.

With your… One, Two, Three, Four or, if you want to, Five stars review.

So, you do want a five star review?


Or… Well…

I want one, but only if you think the book deserves that. But that’s not what this is about. The review: that’s what important.

Oh, you want a long one?

Again. No. Give me one star and write: that autism really sucks. I hate it.

And I’ll be grateful.

Well, not really, of course. I hope you give me a few more stars, but again: that’s not what this is about.

Write a review for as long (or as short) as you prefer. Pour your heart out (or not) and tell me what you like. Or not.

And you get…

Ah. Finally. Now we’re talking.

Yes. You get the digital book (PDF) free of charge.

And, once you publish the review, and send it to me, I send you a signed and numbered bookmark, made especially for those 50 reviewers.

Sure. If I give 5 stars

And when you give one star as well. Try me (not).

What’s it about?

It’s a Young Adult Fantasy book. Monty has autism which he hopes to get rid off thanks to a book that grants wishes. Since it’s hard to believe that is even possible, his first wish is a test. It lands him in hot water, and maybe even first love, when he has to defend a kingdom in another world from his own school’s principal.

Chapter one you can read online, to see if this suits you.


Mail me with any questions you have. Once the book’s ready, I send you a copy.

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