Search for royalty free images via Google

You want to create a cover or something else and you need pictures? The main problem is that you don’t have money or don’t want to spend any. No sweat. There are several places where you can find royality free images, but why limit yourself to a specific site when Google can find those for you? As easily?

1. Go to Google Images.

2. Enter a search term. Let’s say we’re looking for an image about searching.

3. Now look at the search bar on the top. The results are visible beneath it, with another bar in between. It reads All / Images / …

4. Somewhere at the end, you click on Settings > Advanced Search.

5. A new window opens.

6. The only part that’s really important, can be found in Usage Rights at the bottom. Choose free to use, share or modify, even commercially.

7. Make sure you entered your search term at the top of the page. Add some other constraints (like color e.g.) and click on Advanced Search.

8. The result delivers images you can re-use without being scared to be slapped with any royalty request. Please bear in mind that you best add a reference to the creator of the image, certainly if you want to use it in public.

Have fun!

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