Help, I didn’t save my Word file

Oops. I made a grave error. I though tI saved the Word-file I worked on, but somehow I didn’t. And therefore, I lost all my work. When you’re an author, someone who had to write something or you are a student trying to get your paper out, you know exactly the feeling. Hell. Except, with a little luck, there is still a lot you can salvage.

You closed Word without saving your file. I know: Ms Word tells you it hasn’t saved anything, and still you closed it. Stupid? Undoubtedly so, but at least Word has a safety measure in place that may not recover everything, but allows you to get at least most of what you worked on. Even when you didn’t save it.


Word 2016

We explain it in Windows 2016, but it works in every Ms Office. When you use older versions (prior to switching to ribbons) you may have to find the option somewhere else. But if you are the owner of a Word-version with ribbons, this is how to do it.

  1. Start Ms Word.
  2. Klik in the ribbon on File.
  3. If it isn’t open already, select on the left side Info.

4. At the bottom of the above screen, you click on Manage Document.
5. Select Recover unsaved documents.

6. A new window opens with an overview of your unsaved documents. You should find it there with the name of the file.
7. Select it and click Open.
8. The file opens.

With a little luck you may find the entire file in there, but chances are you still find the largest shunk of your work. Everything depends on how long you left the file open before you clocked close (without saving). The longer it remained open after editing, the more chance you have that the document contains the last things you changed.

Good luck and have fun!

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