Honeycomb: Boljelam

A space station. A murder. And a girl with an unexpected way out. When Ciella takes the identity of a murdered girl, she barely realizes what she’s getting herself into. What starts as a hopeful escape from a life of hardship (and abuse) with a ticket on a ship set for heaven on earth: Honeycomb, quickly turns into something much more deadly.

All the while she’s followed by two cops, the zombie AI of the girl that got murdered and a bio-engineerded murderer who is after the content she stole. After all, that ticket…

Ciella is not your average main character. She has a dark streak up her sleeve and leads a life that’s very fast. Imagine her relief when she discovers a ticket for a place aboard the Phoenix on a dead body of someone who could almost pass like her.

You don’t always stick with the MC in this story, either. You jump around – sometimes a new chapter hides another character. As a result you step inside a fast paced story of a girl eager to get to Honeycomb – a pristine, lovely planet where it’s nice to live and where you have everything you don’t find on Boljelam – the space station. Ciella is a hooker and that hurts, especially when she’s on her way to the ship and meets a former customer. When she walks away from him, she discovers the Fail; the bio-engineered creature that killed the girl she stole the purse of (and she looked so much like her!). It’s the start of a rollercoaster of an adventure that keeps rolling as the two security cops step into her life as well. In that once scene, everything that could go wrong goes wrong. And every character of importance steps into view.


The chapters are short, sometimes not much longer than a single page. It explains the fast paced story and that’s nice, though it also makes reading a bit more challenging. Nevertheless, I liked the writing style and read the book in one take (mostly because I was… Yes, a little late with this promised review). If anything, it takes a bit more time to get into the heads of the different characters.

Nevertheless, the book is good and the end is interesting. And while the story can be read on its own, it’s best to realize this is part of a series. Someone said this story is original, and I must say it is. And that’s really not a bad thing, either. Good voice, well written and fast paced. A nice read. On Goodreads I’ve given it three stars.



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About the Author

Reclusive writer from the Pacific Northwest. Hates peanut butter loves Mojitos (sin alcohol, por favor). Sometimes found around 60 feet (ca. 18 m) underwater in the Puget Sound or at about the same depth in the blue and clear waters of Cozumel hovering over a coral reef and hoping to see a shark or a large majestic green turtle.

“I love thinking of the intersection of new science and horror, the future haunted houses could be space stations or our own scientifically enhanced and hacked bodies,”

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