Maybelline New York and the picture: find the 7 differences

Look at the picture below.

Now look at the next one.

The sources are here, if you have Instagram and Facebook.

Now, give me the seven differences between them. And mind you, the first one is the original one. The bottom one’s only difference is that they added the Maybelline New York logo to it.

Maybelline New York Mexico found the picture, made by a third year photographing student in Belgium, on Instagram. Though the student’s teachers weren’t wild of that particular picture, Maybelline New York Mexico found it interesting enough to copy it. They didn’t only copy it, they slapped their own logo on it – to show the world that it was theirs. Just in case.

Well, it isn’t. They found a picture and decided to re-use it. Without getting in touch with the original owner, without giving credits where credits are due.

And I get that. I’m not going to say they did it on purpose. People make mistakes. I make mistakes. But it would be the right thing to do to admit you made a bad mistake and to credit the author. After all: if Maybelline New York (even though it’s ‘only’ the Mexican branch) likes a picture of you – that’s a big compliment. And if they use it…

Well, not many third-year photography students can claim that, can they?

So; Maybelline New York: thank you for the compliment. Now rush off and do the correct thing. And that doesn’t mean you remove the picture which received 887 likes (or similar emoji’s).

Instead, offer her a job, maybe? Or at least, give her the credit that’s due. It will make a huge difference for her, and it won’t cost you a dime.

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