Watch movies and series for free

Let’s face it: corona is here and the way it goes, it’s probably going to remain. My brother in law now has it and my sister probably has it, too. Both are doctors, so are the first in line. I can’t say I’m not scared, but I don’t yet panic. Because there is one promise I can make: this will pass. And in ten, 12 or 18 months, we will have a vaccine.

But in this new world you are either stuck at home working (like me) or, worse, you don’t even have a job anymore. Most of my colleagues point you to their books (and you should read them, too), but sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy a good movie.

Except… That costs money. And we don’t have that. So, where can I get some nice movies or series without paying for it?


Youtube has a series of legal films, but if you search a bit, you can find a lot of other movies as well. A simple example explains it. If you love fantasy movies, you can search for it this way: In the same way you can search for action movies or Hallmark movies. You love Royal Hallmark movies? Use that as a search term.

Just one warning. If you find a movie where they promise you the entire movie on another site (and they provide a link), don’t follow that link. You won’t find the entire film there, but you will get in trouble. Either they ask for private information or they install malware on your system.

And one other tip: if you see a movie, watch it immediately. Chances are it’s removed the day after.

Also remember there is a lot of legal content, among them fan films, if you’re into that. You also find a lot of series. You can even see the start of every series – in order to get you to sign up. You can, of course, but it’s a lot cheaper if you don’t.


Netflix you undoubtedly are aware of. If you don’t pay for it, you can get a proscription for one month. If you already used your free month, but no longer pay for the service, switch to another e-mail address and also use a different credit card. It won’t help if this lasts longer than a month. But you are able towatch both series and movies for an entire month while you are at home.

OpenLoad movies

Openloadmovies is a website were you find movies and series that don’t come from a very legal source. That also means you’re able to see a lot of blockbuster movies. If you have a VPN it’s a safe way to keep your ID unknown. I suggest to use it if you have one. Otherwise: stay away.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a similar site that has a long history. It’s less easy to use than OpenLoad Movies, but you still find several blockbusters. Again: if you have a VPN it’s a safe way to keep your ID unknown. I suggest to use it if you have one. Otherwise: stay away. We have plenty of other fish.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle offers several free movies and even series such as Hell’s Kitchen or Charlie’s Angels. It’s one of the better free Roku channels, so expect commercials.


If you’re into Anime, CONtv is a good source. Apart from that you find a lot of TV-shows inspired on video games. In some cases you need a proscription, but you find a number of movies and series that are free. You have to register, though.


Popcornflix is legal and offers you movies with commercials. It’s similar to Netflix with different categories and even choices of the editor. Worth a visit.


SnagFilms is a free Netflix competitor. It contains around 2.000 video of movies, series and documentatires. You will also find a lot of original comedy shorts. Don’t expect blockbusters, with expect movies that remained under the radar for most people.

Enjoy the movies and series. But don’t forget one thing is more important than anything else: keep it safe out there. You are, after all, important.

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