Bing Wallpaper app

If you use Windows 10 as your operating system, you undoubtedly saw those amazing pictures whenever you left your computer idle for a while. Maybe, just like me, you didn’t like that Edge opened with the specific photo and maybe even a little quiz. Anything to make people used to Edge, maybe?

The pictures are breathtaking. Imagine the crab nebula. Or the ruins of some ghost castle in England, or the Grand Canyon seen as if flying across it. Cities, little, curious homes or the largest buildings you can think of.

Maybe you want to see those pictures on your smartphone as well. For those who use a Windows machine, there is the Bing Wallpaper Download, where you can search per country, per category, choose popular photos or go for a surprise by choosing random pictures.

Bing Wallpaper app

You like to have these pictures as a wallpaper on your smartphone? You’re in luck – provided you use an Android smartphone, of course. The Bing Wallpaper app is the thing to go to. It combines the most beautiful pictures of the last ten years. It’s possible to peruse them at your own leisure and choose one as the background for your smartphone.

But it doesn’t stop there.  With every picture comes a story. Wat made the location so special? Where is it taken? It’s location, maybe? You learn who made the picture and why they ran it.

It’s possible to filter on color, category (space, city, landscape, …) or location. It’s even possible to choose an automatic update every morning when you fire up your smartphone. In that case you get a new picture and a new fun place to learn about.

Search your own preferred pictures and use them in portrait modus or landscape, any which way you prefer. And each day it feels like you visit a different spot in the world, without the need of having to go there.

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