Freeware: 7-zip

Everyone knows one or other zip-program: a tool with which you compress files (or compress and combine them) so it’s easier to send them via mail – or make them available for download.

Maybe you know Winzip, or rar, or maybe still another program. One of the best that’s presently available, is called 7-zip. The beauty of it? It’s free.


7-Zip is available for Windows 32 & 64 bits and who takes the trouble of scrolling down, it’s also available for Debian, Ubuntu, Linux, Amiga, Mac OS en AIX, to name a few.

The first choice to make is to choose the correct version for your operating system. If you use Windows, that choice is limited to either 32 bits or 64 fits. If you use Windows 10, I suggest to leave the 32-bits-version for what it is and download the 64-bits version – because this is the version your OS supports.


Once installed, you can use 7-zip.

  1. Go to the folder where you saved your zipped file. Right click on that and select 7-Zip > Open Archive.
  2. 7-zip opens.
7-zip shows you the content of the zipped file

3. You see the content of the zipped file. In this case it’s a photo of a server room cooled with warm water.

4. Click Extract to extract the content. A new window opens and shows you the folder where everything is unzipped. If this is okay, click OK.

5. That’s all. Depending on how large the file is, everything will be unzipped in the folder the software proposed (or which you changed).


There isn’t much more you need to know about the program. You can extract all files, select one (or more) of the files and leave the others in the zipped file or you can even add them and make them available for friends (or put them online).

THe most beautiful part of it is that it’s free of charge. No need to buy a license to get more options (it’s fully loaded) and no fear of finding adware. And the real beauty is that it’s available in a lot of different languages.

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