I had a friend…

Who didn’t care whether I was white or black, purple or green or if I walked on two feet or four or even a thousand.

I had a friend who died in 1992. I remained by his side, that Saturday, February 29th in 1992. Until he closed his eyes.

I had a friend, who was thankful for that morning by his side. I sat there. Remained there, to be with him. Because I cared.

I understand the protests. And they are important. But the one question you have to ask yourself: will it be enough to change the world?

To change us?


There is but one thing you need to carry from all of this. It’s not about racism. It’s not about the divide between black and white, or between you and me.

Change starts with me. Not with you, but with ME.

Without ME there cannot be change.

It doesn’t matter whether you change. Or not. If I change, if I act differently, someone will pick up on that. Maybe he or she does nothing with it, and it passes, but ultimately there will be someone else who follows my example.

Then there will be two of us. And if we keep up doing that long enough, then there will be four. Then eight. Twenty. A hundred. Thousand. A million. Until finally the majority follows this example.

That’s what my best friend showed me. That loyalty always pays. He would have given his life to me. Not because I asked him to (I wanted him to remain my friend for a long as was humanly possible), but because he gladly gave it.

I would do the same for him. That’s why I remained by his side during those last few hours.

Friendship matters, I believe a colleague author called her book. And it matters, indeed. But above all, loyalty matters. Loyalty and friendship create a bond that no one can destroy. But us.

Thank you, dear friend. You were a Labrador Gordon Setter. A beautiful animal I still miss – after all these years. You gave me loyalty and friendship.

I hope I was worth it.

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