Review: The Organized author

by Cindy Tomamichel

I am an author, but I doubt I’m an organized one, so I took this book at hand and started reading it. And the first thing I read was about internet security and privacy.

And as you probably are aware, I’m a technology buff. I have my own blog on IT things (in another language, mind you), so I know a thing or two on internet security and privacy. And while Cindy talks about the basics, she nails the different points to take care of. It’s indeed important to show a nice face, even when you’re bullied – something you won’t be able to escape if you give people your political views.

Safety and privacy are two things you as an author need to take into account. You have to find a balance between what you tell your readership and what you want to keep private. It therefore makes perfect sense to start with that.

The next chapter takes you to the To Do list and the Goal Planning. Both are important because, once you are a published author, there are deadlines to meet and pages to fill. Preferably with stuff that matters. Cindy even talks about organizing your writing or what platform to choose, the website to think of and a blog and a newsletter. When I read all of this, I discover it’s hard work being an author.


And maybe that’s the best part of this book. It touches on all the important stuff, offers tips and tricks that help you forward as an author, but you as the author need to do that. It explains what you need to do on your Amazon author page and how to work the social media sites. It talks about Story Origin, BookBub and Goodreads abd it ends with planning your writing life. Because, let’s face it: it’s always a difficult part to find the time to actually write.

Now I think about it: it’s never hard to find the time to write for me, because I Write professionally (as a Tech Writer), but I do find it hard to find the time to work on my books. I have my day work, my blog that requires 2 articles a day and in between I need to sell my upcoming Young Adult Fantasy book Children of Little Might and work on the next installment. I know my publisher feels I do not do enough to get my book under your attention and reading this book, shows me that she’s undoubtedly correct. At least for a part. This book is helpful in setting the path. It takes you on a journey and shows me things I didn’t quite know, though I already published 45 non-fiction books. The problem with that is that novels, and marketing those, is an entirely different game. And it’s not only about the book, but mostly about yourself. After all, you are the brand you try to sell.

If anything, that’s what I take from this book. It’s the fact that there is more between heaven and earth than the writing alone. If you want to make it in authorland, you have to work it. That’s not easy, but then, anything worthwhile isn’t easy.

The Organized Author by Cindy Tomamichel.

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