Change your TV into a fireplace

In a couple of days it’s Christmas. So: a Merry Christmas to you all, and hopefully, a far better 2021 than 2020 was. Though, let’s admit it, 2020 fell victim to a disease that found its roots in 2019. So, I guess 2020 wishes it to end as fast as we do.

Chances are, you won’t spend either day in the way you’re used to. Away from family and friends, it’s nevertheless a moment to bring some warmth in the house. And light.

Where I live, we can’t have more than one cuddle contact present and so we have to find other ways to bring the light in our home; literally, sometimes.

In this article we show you ways to bring that warmth and light in the house through a fireplace. You know: crackling wood with the game of the flames to hold you company? Even if you don’t have your own fireplace, you can recreate it with a television set or a monitor. All that is required is an internet connection or a DVD player.

If you have a DVD player, I’m sure you can find your own fireplace you can play on your television set for around 10 dollars. Search on Google and I’m certain you find them.

Streaming services

But if you use streamiong services such as Youtube or Netflix, you can choose your own fireplace. The first one we researched, we found on Youtube showing a crackling fire. The video lasts for three hours and is made in 4K. It brings peace (together with the occasional ad if you don’t have a license). For those who prefer a little music as well, there is this Youtube video to play. It lasts six hours and comes with a calming guitar concerto. If you prefer Christmas music, that’s an option as well with a 7 hour lasting video. The fun part of this video is that you not only hear the music, but the crackling fire as well.

Another version of this crackling fireplace with music, is one with pioano music. It also lasts seven hours, in case you wondered. There even is one with a fireplace and a Christmas tree with sung Christmas music. You find that one here and it lasts for 2 hours. If these options aren’t enough, why don’t you go searching for yourself: type in Fireplace in Google and you find a whole bunch of interesting videos you can use to spruce up that night with a little extra light. Even if it’s only meant to think of all those Christmases past.

While Youtube is free (with some adds) you can have a ad-free fireplace on Netflix as well. You can choose between fireplaces witht or without music, and even with different types of music.Or choose for your typical open fireplace with Birch wood. Apparently, it sounds different than one with oak – or any other sort of wood. I’m certain Netflix has many more fireplaces to uncover.

The most important part, is you. And if you’re alone, just imagine that I’m sitting there with you, in total silence, enjoying the moment. Close your eyes and let the warmth carry you to those places you want to be. Because it’s not because you’re alone, that you are lonely.

So, enjoy it with a glass of whatever you like. And let’s think of each other.

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