The Sound of Words: -47 days

Today in 47 days my ultimate dream comes into reality. Please play the below video while you read this text.

To give you some background: this is filmed in what’s likely one of the most iconic railway stations in the world. It’s in Antwerp Central, better known by the locals as ‘Het Centraal Station’. It’s a train station I have been often to as I lived in that city during my youth.

But let’s start at the very beginning, as the song suggests. My name is Peter D’Hollander (said out loud as Dollander) and I’m from Belgium – a little country in the Northern part of Europe, just above France. You probably know my capital city a bit better: Brussels.

Still 47 days to go before the Big Reveal. What reveal, you might ask? You figure it out along the way. For now it’s important that I introduce myself first.

I am 56 years old, hold a BA in Marketing, am married and I have 3 children. And a cat, but we don’t really like each other much. I’m more of a dog’s person…

This is actually a drawing I made of my dog – Black. But I digress.

You see, I’m an introvert. I like people, but I need to recharge afterward because they drain me. That’s why, I probably prefer to be on my own. During my Marketing training a professor in Sociology claimed that one of the reasons I like to be alone, probably can be found in my youth. I spend it in the US, more precisely: in Texas. Back in 1964 my father signed a contract with Texas Technological College in Lubbock, Texas. We moved there, to 2308, 21st Street. I can’t tell you much about the place, except that it was okay.

Of course, there are plenty of stories of those days. One I remember, probably because my mother loves to tell it to me, is the one where I almost got picked up by the police. 20 degrees Celcius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) in Belgium is a nice temperature. One where we sit in our T-shirts on our decks and enjoy the warmth. Okay, it was winter-time in Lubbock, but 68 Fahrenheit is still a nice temperature. So, my mother placed me on the deck in the sun (well shielded), but didn’t give me a blanket. I didn’t care: I slept. But apparently, neighbors feared for my health and so they called the police, who came to investigate…

At 2 my parents returned to Belgium, where I now live in a little town in betwxeen Antwerp and Brussels. Being an introvert (so, why the Marketing, you might wonder? I have sold things – which says a lot about how well I can convince people, but in the end I didn’t dabble in that for long) I ended up in a world of computers. Not as a programmer, mind you (I’m NOT technical at all), but as a Tech Author.


My writing carreer started on my 13. I had a sprain knee and couldn’t do my gymnastics for a couple of months. So, to keep myself busy, I started to write. Ther first full story I wrote was titled The Flying Saucer, but it’s best to forget about it. Nevertheless, it would be the start of a carreer as freelance journalist for several local computer magazines and ultimately 45 non-fiction books, all related around software and computers.

During the weekends and the evenings, however, my worlds came alive. According to several people I have a very vivid imagination and so, in 2006, one particular story came to life: Children of Little Might. It would last until 2018 before I signed a contract for it.

But more about that in a later article. This is as far as I go today. There will be more articles along the way as I take you through my journey. In one of them, for example, I will explain why my 46st published book still is my debut. So, keep an eye out in the coming days!

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