This is me! : – 40 days

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I’m not a stranger to the dark. I’ve been there, too, but when a young girl said she would never be happy because of her autism, I knew my darkness was nothing more but a misty morning giving birth to the most beautiful sunrise. If only I gave it the time.

Monty stepped into my life in my search to bring a smile to her face. Even those who supported people with autism, called it a handicap. And all the while that little girl didn’t want to be that. She wanted to me more. And truthfully? She was…

Yes. I admit it. Autism limited her. When she communicated with us. When she responded to the world. But there was more to it. So. Much. More.

While I explain the title in the next article, Children of Little Might saw the light because I wanted to tell a different story. Not the typical one, where we show the world what autism is and how people struggle with it. Monty still struggles. He’s after all, a high-functioning autistic boy, searching for love and his own spot in this world he doesn’t always understand. In Children of Little Might he discover it in the most unlikely of places: In Kalpana; with his Paper Girl; a princess fighting for her own survival.

So. This story is for you. For that brave girl out there, and that heroic boy. Yes. Autism limits you, but autism also gives you wings – as this story shows. It’s your different way of thinking and your loyalty that gives you the superpower that propels this story forward.

You are bruised. For life, I know that. But don’t be scared to be seen. Because… This is you. And in some twisted kind of way, me, too.

Oh. Yes. You still want your quote from the book? This is the moment Monty first lays eyes on Aislinn.

“What is the definition of a charatonym and give an example?”

I add a large C in the seventh word before I answer: a charactonym is a name given to a literary character that describes one of its qualities. I’m about to add an example when a knock on the door takes my attention. A girl with long and curly blond hair and green eyes steps inside. She possesses everything gorgeous girls require including the… Well, the firm female body curves. Around her neck glimmers a golden necklace in the cold white classroom light. The pendant sits hidden under her clothes.

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