You’ll be in my Heart (Monty’s Dad): – 19 days till publication of Children of Little Might

Monty’s Dad is gone. There isn’t much left of him in Monty’s life. A picture in his old office, a picture hiding Monty’s biggest secret in the Manuscript Hall and a background picture of him on Monty’s phone – in his yellow Jeep. At least, that’s what you discover in Children of Little Might.

But there is one more thing Monty has of his father: a video where his father sings You’ll Be in my Heart of Phil Collins while he holds a baby Monty in his arms.

After that song, a video recorded by Monty’s Mom, his Dad promises him to support him for as long as he can, to be there and hold his hand while they discover the world together. He promises Monty to stand by his side, so he never is alone – no matter what.

Monty loves Walt Disney’s Tarzan – the movie that featured the song You’ll Be in my Heart. He plays it often. In total silent, crying each time when this song plays. He misses his father – the one man who stood there and picked him up. The one man who protected him from the storm in the world – a world he sometimes still can’t handle.

He’s alone. No, that’s not true. He knows there are people who look out for him, but he eagerly looks for love; for a friend to support him. For a friend he can say something to. A friend who listens and cries together with him. A friend whjo accepts him for who he is. Maybe even for the Sound of Silence.

That’s what Monty’s father means for him. And that’s why he wants to make a wish that brings him back into his life.

Will he succeed? What do you think?

A scene from Children of Little Might:

I blamed myself because a couple of days earlier he asked me to clean out the living quarters. I did it after his… Disappearance. It’s when I found the Manuscript and the promise. One that returns my Dad once I translate it.

That’s what started it five years ago.

I enter the old living room, which I had rechristened Manuscript Hall. Dad’s picture adorns a stone fireplace where it guards a table with some writing material. His everlasting smile and happy eyes cover a crack that lead me to a secret compartment. Inside sits an ink black wooden box that holds the Manuscript.

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