Up for the fight (Monty, Storm & Aislinn, or three friends together): -16 days till release of Children of Little Might

Wait… What? Are you kidding me? You are teasing the cover?

I said I love it and tomorrow is the day when we show you the full cover. But today you get to see a small part of it. As one of the first!

Monty has autism. Storm is in a wheelchair and Aislinn is a princess. You might think: hey, you crazy author, being a princess is not a handicap!

Well, you’re wrong. So, either a princess is a limitation (and if you come to think of it, that may well be the truth) or Storm nor Monty are disabled (which in a way also makes sense, see True Colors). They form a team that starts on a bumpy ride, but ultimately comes through when they need each other the most.

Remember: Monty doesn’t trust Storm (for one hundred percent) because of what Marc did. And Storm doesn’t trust Aislinn, because… (well, you can discover that in Children of Little Might). And while each of their fears is understandable, they come through for one another. Together they are up for the fight, but more importantly, they are there for each other.

Let’s take another look at a scene in Children of Little Might. Aislinn and Monty just found Storm near the ranch house. When Monty sinks besides his friend, Aislinn rises again and returns to her bike…

“Wait.” I shout.

I rush after her, but I slack again, not sure how to stop her once I reach her.

“I… Bring you home.”

I force the words out when Aislinn stops but doesn’t face me.

“There is no need for that anymore, Monty.”

Something in her voice evades me and I stop as well. Maybe it’s because I’m this glupi boy and she’s that brilliant girl and no mutual future beckons either of us.

You really don’t understand.”

She turns around. Unable to meet her eyes, I make fists of both my hands and press them hard against my body, so they don’t tremble for everyone to spot.

“You already brought me home.”

No, I didn’t. At least she uses her nice voice to blow me off.

“This is where I entered your world. You called me what? Your Paper Girl?”

She comes closer and places her hand bit by bit on my chest.

“I came because you wished for me, Monty.”

I half expect her to mock me, but she doesn’t even break into a smile. Her eyes fill up with… Sadness? A clear sign I never win a place inside her heart?

Her fingers flex on my chest. A tear shimmers on her cheeks and for reasons beyond me, her face gets this way-worn look.

“They kidnapped Storm because of your translation and when they discovered he knew nothing… I’m so downright sorry.”

She closes her eyes and presses her hand hard against my chest. At the same time, a bright flash turns into an unstoppable stream of images of a shadowy office with boarded windows. Someone pushed the desks against the walls and scattered the chairs. Some carry clothes; others form a circle and a few more hold leftovers of whatever meals they ate. I also spot four people. No, five. Aislinn is with two children, twins, and a woman who changes the diaper of a baby near one of the desks.

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