A Million Dreams (the cover revealed): -15 days till release of Children of Little Might

A Million Dreams. And today is the day at least one of them becomes real. It’s my pleasure and great privilege to show you the cover of my upcoming book: Children of Little Might.

First: yes, I know my MC is sixteen and this one looks younger. But…

I don’t know about you, but I often still feel like a teenager myself (at least we don’t take ourselves that serious, do we? We still realize we don’t know everything).

A second item are the rainbow colors: they tie right in with the Spectrum symbology. I had a bright vision for my cover. Far more complex than this one, but when I saw it a couple of weeks ago, I was sold. This was far better than I could even dream of.

Yes! I like it (and I hope you do, too). The people I showed it too, like it as well – especially those that are the target audience for this book. Monty sits alone – and not only because he doesn’t have any friends. It symbolizes his feeling of not fitting in, of not belonging (something a lot of people feel nowadays, and not only those on the spectrum).

As the byline says: Autism just might be the best super power of all! That doesn’t mean Monty has powers like Superman, the Hulk or Spiderman (although, maybe he does!), but it means that maybe he finds strength in what everyone will call his ‘limitation’.

I hope you enjoy it. Do leave your thoughts about the cover behind!

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