Stand by you (Aislinn looks at Monty): -10 days till the release of Children of Little Might

My name is Aislinn and I’m 15. I’m a princess, but in truth, that is highly overrated. Take it from me: you don’t want to be a princess. Nor a prince, if you’re male. Too many people keep an eye out and you always have to be perfect; something I’m not.

The first time I saw Monty, he made a wish that included me. And I hated it. Honestly, if my mother didn’t tyell me to trust him, I probably would have ignored him. But as things stand, I went. And I discovered a boy that harnessed so much power – and at the same time was so vulnerable. He surprised me – and in more than one way.

I know Monty likes me. And I quickly learned I had a special power over the people of Monty’s world. I could influence them so they do as I please. That’s how I obtained a bike so I could follow Monty back home, and join him in school the day after.

And while I’m generally a good judge of character, Monty took me by surprise. Yes. I knew right away he was different. And yes, I knew I could use his infatuation with me as a way to get him to help me. I even ‘seduced’ him.

And yet, Monty was always loyal. More than I probably deserved.

But do you know when I fell for him?

It’s probably not clear from the book (which is written from Monty’s point of view, so that explains a lot), but it’s this moment:

So how is your mother?”

I ignore the question. Instead I focus on filling the different test tubes with the tiny spoon we received.

I bet she’s nice,” Aislinn says without missing a beat.

I never use ‘nice’ after she punishes me.

“She’s strict,” I whisper.

“All mothers are. Last time I got punished was because I snuck out to ride my horse early one morning.”

Aislinn’s eyes spy around before she brings her head closer to mine and lowers her voice. Her body fragrance, peachy with a slight hint of sweat, enwraps me once more.

“Because I rode naked.”

I all but drop the spoon.

“Mind you, it was a sweltering hot morning and it was so early I didn’t expect anyone to notice. Except for Mother.”

Aislinn sniggers.

“Maybe I shouldn’t tell you that so early on. Boys and their dirty minds.”

She positions herself on her chair as if she rides horse. It makes things even more awkward.

“Please, realize I’m not that easy. But I enjoyed it, nonetheless.”

She swipes the top of my nose ever so lightly. Her eyes sparkle and for the first time I feel comfortable enough around a girl to see her as a possible friend. Not a lover, mind you. A mere friend, and a distant one at that.

Actually, now I think about it, I probably already liked him after his book review, but that’s when it really hit me. I wanted to see how he responded when I told him I rode naked. I kept going when he didn’t, but I never got him to respond in the same way most other boys his age would. Yes. I admit it: Monty was intriguing. And the longer I knew him, the more he held me in his powers. That’s why I want to dedicate Rachel Platten’s song to him. Good luck, Monty. And have fun.

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