You raise me up (this is what friends do): -3 days till release of Children of Little Might

I believe in friendship. In friends that sit by your side for no other reason than because they want to support you. Friends can be people you meet along the way, but they can be parents, children, siblings or anyone else as well. Friends make you larger than you already are. And they make you feel good.

I’m a gamer. I love Civilization (from the very first version) and while I write this, I’m downloading Humankind. I can play these games forever. Alone, or with friends. Civilization happens to be one of the games Monty likes to play as well. He’s good at it, too (better than I will ever be), and he loves playing it together with Storm.

Children of Little Might celebrates friendship, but most of all, it shows that we all need someone by our side. Though we sometimes want to believe otherwise, we can’t live without someone important by our side. The same goes for Monty. The one wish he has is to have friends. In plural. He doesn’t blame anyone for not being his friend – he knows his limitations make it more difficult to become friends. Storm can tell you all about that…

A new friend. Perfect. What if Storm literally paces away because his wishes work? While Mark abandoned me, I don’t expect that of Storm, but still… Since preparation is crucial, I wish for a new friend.

Not someone from school. I always expect a hidden agenda. No boys either, because… Well, because I go for girls; even crazier. No girl ever spends time with me because of my social limitations.

What if I chose… My Paper Girl.

She’s a girl, but not real; a figment of some author’s imagination. The perfect choice! When I wish for someone who exists as a mere word or image, but nevertheless appears, my real wishes get a much higher chance of success.

We’re almost there. Have fun!

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