Here goes nothing : Children of Little Might is released and available on Amazon

Here goes nothing, as Benicio Bryant sang on AGT in 2019. My book, Children of Little Might, is out. It’s now for you to decide whether it’s something you like – or not.

Children of Little Might is now available on Amazon. During it’s first day it already received a 5-star review from another fellow author.

This humbles me. All I can hope is that you like, no: LOVE, the book. I won’t go for anything less.

This is book 46 for me, but the first 45 were all non-fiction and might not be seen as ‘real books’. So book 46 – Children of Little Might – is my first real one. I place it here and hope you pick it up and read it. But above all, I hope you enjoy it.

And if you do, I only have one request: please write a review. I don’t mind the stars, but I hope you tell me (and everyone else) how you feel about Monty and the story he lived through.

I anxiously await your thoughts. And somehow, somewhere, I hope that the real Monty, the boys and girls with autism, find their own path. Be kind to them. They deserve a world that realizes they need us as bad as we need them.

Have fun. And thanks for the journey so far. The trip for me is just starting.

Children of Little Might on Amazon.

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