From now on: Children of Little Might

My book is released, but the world continued and nothing really changed. I sit here, wondering, proud, knowing that a big part of my dream finally came through.

Book 46 is a Young Adult Fantasy e-book. The 45 books before that were all non-fiction and let me tell you: I was proud when those books were published, but that route was a lot easier than this one.

Up till this moment I told you the story that brought me here. From next time, I take you on a tour of where I’m heading to. I have ideas, things set into place, that need to give Children of Little Might the support it needs.

Yes. I love to live underground, far away from the attention, preferably looking from the sidelines. That has to change. From now on, I have to step into the light and do things that I ordinarily never would do. The first is to see if my company allows me to publish something on our intranet about my book. I talked to HR and they were enthousiastic. Now I have to create something that hopefully draws people in. That’s something I have to do first, in the next couple of days.

Follow me. And maybe, together, we can say: From now on, we travel together.

Another peek into Children of Little Might:

“So-o-o-o… I can really… Damon someone with a wish?” I ask.

My heart pounds in my chest. Bill’s reflection in the windshield shows raised eyebrows.

“I already explained that part.”

His grumpiness burns through his words.

“Even… Damon Royal?”

Bill doesn’t miss a beat before he answers.

“Yes. Him, too. And while I applaud that move, I strongly suggest against that. Each wish has its repercussions and I’m not talking about your own conscience.”

Royal’s demise won’t bother me at all.

“Once it happens, people will want to kill others in the same fashion. It would end in total pandemonium. We came close to destroying ourselves that way before the Royal family united Kalpana.”

Oh. So, the Royal Family saved the world.

Bill shakes his head amused.

“They’re no saints, so no, they saved themselves first. They saw an opportunity and took it.”

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