Born to be alive – things start moving (slightly)

If anyone ever asked me what song they should play if they ever planned a Flash Mob for Children of Little Might? Then this is my go-to song: born to be alive, by Patrick Hernandez – a French singer.

I’ve been searching for ways to get my book out there and slowly, but surely, it seems I get somewhere. First, there is the Gazet van Antwerpen – a local newspaper that gave me half a page.

And that for a book written in English. For those who want to read the (Dutch) article, we set up a translation through Google via this link. To my surprise it’s even a fairly good translation.

It doesn’t end there. The company where I work during the day, published a link to my book on their intranet. Since we’re an international company, a lot of people (around 500) will see it.

The 8th of October an interview with Monty appears. It’s on The Protagonist Speaks and we were lucky enough to have it done via mail, because otherwise Monty probably ran away. Even now, the palace had to put the Twelve on high alert to guard our main character while both Aislinn and Storm remained by his side to force him into answering the questions. It has become a fun interview – even if we say so, with answers that are not entirely what you would expect. Since it’s only available the 8th of October, we will link to it in a later article. I suggest that if you are an author, you request an interview with them. They’re very quick to reply and very nice people, indeed.

It doesn’t stop there, of course. There is still a lot in the pipeline, and I hope that when we write the next installment, we have some more thrilling news to share because I’m trying to get something done. If I succeed, I will be the first author with my publisher who succeeded in doing it. Sadly enough, it’s not as straight forward as I had hoped – wished – it to be. So, chances are I won’t be the first after all. But if I don’t try, then I never succeed.

Have fun!

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