Review: Game of War, by Glen Dahlgren

This is a prequel to Glen's first novel: Child of Chaos. The story begins with Dantess and Jyn; two children training. In those first pages we learn a lot of Dantess' father, though the man isn't even present in the scene. It says a lot about the writing capacities of Glen.

The book Game of War is a mixture of Divergence & Harry Potter, but with a sniff of the world-building of LOTR. And yet, it also remains original and loyal to its own world setting - which is why I love this author's books so much.

There is a subtle layer to the story that introduces politics in a way that makes it enjoyable. It forces you to think - to see beyond the obvious. And while this is partly about politics, the book nevertheless speaks to every age, because everyone finds there something for himself in. After all, this is not just the ethical question about good and wrong, but also the struggle between generations. Sounds familiar, right?

I'm not going to tell you what happens, but it's a beautiful journey that takes you into a world with real characters. You learn to love most, and feel bad about a few others. Life isn't black and white - as some would love to make us believe - but more often than not a beautiful hue of grey - and everything in between.

If you are looking for something pleasant to read, this is a book you can trust. Though it's a prequel, you can read it as a stand alone. Glen takes you to a world that invites you in with everything it has. Beautifully crafted characters, fleshed out and real - people that could step out of the story and would fit right in our own world - except maybe for their atire and their swords. This is a fast paced and well written book I enjoyed very much.

Game of War on Amazon.

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