Big World – It’s not a big thing

I love what I reached so far. In this article an overview of my (small) accomplishements.

I already have a few reviews. The first was on Amazon itself, on the page of my book. There Katherine Soto (who has her own book out in a couple of weeks) wrote:

… Monty has a different way of seeing the world because he is part of the broad spectrum diagnosed Autism world. The author does an excellent job of staying within Monty’s viewpoint throughout the book. It provides a fascinating look at another person’s viewpoint of the world and their wish to escape what is happening to them…

On Goodreads, Susan Dalessandro (author of Complex Solutions) writes:

…The way the story is told, from Monty’s viewpoint, the reader gets a first hand account of what it feels like to be ‘different’ and their desire to be like everyone else…

IndiesToday, a review website dedicated to Indie published books, writes:

…Peter D’Hollander’s incorporation of terms from various languages and the imaginative connection between our world and Aislinn’s land really make this book unique. Children of Little Might is a cleverly written, fast-paced fantasy that will broaden your horizons and help you embrace your own limitations.

In the last update on the matter, I told you a site would publish an interview with Monty. We had fun with that one, though it took ages to get Monty to sit and answer the questions. It wasn’t even a face-to-face interview (luckily, probably), because he would have said no.

On the Protagonist Speaks, Monty gives us his point of view of what happened. When the site asked him when he was scared, for example, he described a situation most of us probably wouldn’t describe as being the scariest moment. But for Monty, it was.

I am happy to say Children of Little Might even made it onto Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing podcast in the episode: What can beginning writers do more easily than career writers? She has a Good News section and mentions Children of Little Might. It starts at 11:05 and ends at 12:18. If you want to hear the specific piece, click on the play-button below:

It’s a podcast I discovered by accident, but one I listen to quite often.

In the mean time I landed an author interview with another website, but that piece still has to appear – once that happens, you will be the first to hear it.

Have fun!

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