Children of Little Might – Where to find it

As you all know by now, Children of Little Might is my debut novel, though it’s also book nr 46. In case you wonder, that’s because the 45 first books were all non-fiction; ICT related.

Yesterday I received an email from one of my readers, who said she couldn’t find any information on my book on my website. I frowned, was about to tell her how wrong she was until I realized that I had done everything… Except link to my book.

How is anyone supposed to find the book if there are no proper links? So, without any hesitation, I wrote this article.

Children of Little Might is a Young Adult Fantasy book (+14) available on Amazon: about a 16 year old boy with autism.

In case you wonder if it’s any good, there are two ways to uncover that.

  1. You read the first chapter of Children of Little Might for free.
  2. You download the three first chapters in return for your e-mail address to receive my newsletter. Since we follow the GDPR, wxe’re very strict in what we can and can’t do with your address. The short version is: you get our newsletter and it ends there. The long version stipulates that we send our newsletter once a month. Point final.

Of course, you can also uncover what others think of Children of Little Might. I wrote all about that in my article: Big World – it’s not a big thing.

The idea behind it I explain in other articles. The idea came when my heart broke because of a little girl that said she would never be happy. You see, I have 2 children with autism. They’re called ‘handicapped’; something one of them hated from the start. That’s why I came up with Monty, a 16 year old boy with a penchant for languages.

The title, Children of Little Might, has a deeper meaning than you might think, even though it springs from misunderstanding lyrics. Which one, we explain here.

a favor

I have but one favor to ask. If you read the book and you love it enough to support me, please leave a review. That can be on Facebook or other social media, but I really would love to get them on Amazon, Goodreads or Bookbub.

Thank you and have fun!

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