Blood Arrow by Lela Grayce & Eryn Brooks

The moment the book starts, it takes me on a journey I didn’t expect. If there is one sentence I had to pick to describe the book, then that’s undoubtedly: This is who I am.

Arrow Loxley honors her name: she’s a master with the bow. For those who know a bit of British folklore, the name Loxley probably rings a bell. In our own history there is a Robin of Loxley – and if that isn’t enough, there also is a little village near Sheffield – England. It’s said that it’s the birth place of a certain Robin Hood. And that’s just the first sign that Arrow Loxley may be our local Robin Hood.

When the book starts, two kingdoms fight a war – for more than five years already. The good news is that peace talks are on their way and as such, Arrow Loxley is send to the enemy kingdom.

Lucky for us, there are other things in play as well and Arrow soon takes us on an adventure. There is Will, Little John and Tuck (in case you wondered what happened with the merry men of Robin) and a lot more characters that didn’t find their origin in Robin’s folktale (though admittedly, Robin Hood might have a real past).

It’s a wild ride – but one I enjoyed thoroughly. Without telling you too much about the outcome, I can tell you that it left with a bang. And three heartbeats. You understand what I mean once you read the last sentence. ;?)

Did I enjoy it? Yes.

Do I long for more? Definitely.

This is an author duo I can still learn a lot from. I got about a week to review the book (generally I need more time to read, due to a full agenda), but I flew through this one. Literally. Both authors created a story that embraced me and swiped me off my feet. It’s a fun, exciting read that simply keeps you reading until the end. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read it.

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