Review: Scarlet Princess

Death was a hefty price to pay for vodka. That's the enticing start of Scarlet Princess, a book by Robin D. Mahle and Elle Madison. You soon learn she needed the vodka, but is that reason still vallable? After all, now she has to choose between losing a hand or losing her life. Not that the choice is that hard - you would think. For Rowan Pendragon and her nephew Davin, life can't get any worse. While both are of the royal line, their host doesn't quite buy into that. After all, would members of the Royal Line risk their lives for barely six bottles of vodka?

Wait before you answer that question. And read the book. This is the brilliant start to a fantastic story. The authors paint a brilliant character. Rowan is a princess, but I understand Lord Theodore (the host who caught them) for not believing her on her word. She's not the... Princessy type, if you know what I mean. She clearly has a sense of humor (more princesses have that), but she's not easily impressed, either. After all, who asks for food, moments before she's set to be executed? Now, you think: you know this is book 1, so chances are she won't be executed (actually, since it's the beginning of the book, it's likely), but don't forget that there are worse things out there than dead. For starters: her future looks even bleaker when she meets the Duke. There clearly is no love lost between them, but maybe that's just politics.

As I already said, since this is the start of the book, Princess Rowan can't die immediately. So, the Duke decides that the clans will decide her faith. And, as a bonus, their rooms are upgraded. Well, there isn't much fun in residing in a dungeon, I guess. After a good bath, the adventures start. And there are plenty of them, too.

The book doesn't quite end the way I hoped it would, but then, this opens a path to even more adventures in Socairan society, where the royal family was slaughtered and now leaders from the different clans fight each other. The book is sprinkled with humor and enough sarcasm to last you a while. It takes you on a wild ride with a wild girl and I loved it every step of the way. I'm sure you enjoyed it, too.

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