The Tarnished Crown – book 2 of the Lochlann Feud Series

With no way of escaping, the princess has but one way forward: do as she’s told. Not an easy thing, if you ask me, for Rowan isn’t the kind of woman who does what you want. But then again: sometimes even Rowan has no other choice.

If anything, the authors make one mistake in the book: they clearly expect you to read the first part (Scarlet Princess) – if only because it takes you almost 50 pages (46 to be exact), before they remember to use Rowan’s first name. If this is the first book you read in the Lochlann Feud Books, I suggest to start with the Scarlet Princess, so you know what six bottles of vodka can land you in (that, in itself, is still a magnificent way to start the story, though).

She’s the prisoner of Evander of the Bear clan, the arseling lord, as she refers to him (or should I say: aalio? – actually, I heard the exact same wording in another book as well, for exact the same reason – it’s a Finnish word for… Well, discover that either in this book, or in this one (my own).). It’s obvious the trip to his lands isn’t always as safe as he wants it to be, because after a while they switch to horses.

BTW, to be honest: I sometimes feel sorry for Levander, anyway, because I don’t think Rowan is the kind of ‘pet’ you want to have with you. And while she has no other choice, she makes his life as difficult as she possibly can. By chapter 5 we’re in the middle of a battle with the unclanned. During that battle we learn how the Bear Clan views women and their function within the clan. How? It requires Rowan to destroy her dress (to allow her to move more easily while she wields her sword – one she didn’t get before she promised not to cut Evander with it). It’s clearly a different point of view from Lochlann.

Rowan’s story continues with its highs and lows. The map that is sitting at the beginning of the book is quite helpful to get your bearings in this new world. There are some things (closer to the end of the book), where we were asked not to write about, so I will honor that. Suffice to say it didn’t come entirely unexpected – not even Rowan’s response is unexpected. By that we don’t want to say you see it coming from miles away – it sits hidden in plain sight, which makes it nice if you capture it – and fun if you don’t. This story is one of self preservation – more than anything else. There are enemies out there to get her – and the only question that remains is: will they succeed? Up to book 3.

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