Just trust me

It all starts with a friend request on Facebook. I check out the page, but see nothing that jumps out or screams SCAM artist, so I accept. Not much later, I get a DM from that person.

Hello, how are you doing?

That’s the moment my scam alert goes off. Why? Befriend a stranger (for whatever reason) yourself. Will you then send them a DM straight away? Or do you wait until you at least know them a little better (you have studied their pages or feed for certain before asking)? I generally don’t go messaging people I don’t personally know immediately. So, that’s a first giveaway.

Hope you have heard about the Community Challenges Grant CCG program going on yet

No. But as always, I do some research first. In this case it’s easy. On Facebook there is a scam doing the rounds. That’s what Google tells me.

Either way, I haven’t heard of it (I’m from aboard, remember?), so I tell her that.

The community Challenges Grant(CCG) are helping old, workers,retired, young,divorce, widow,disabled, unemployed and older. I receive $150,000,00 cash when I applied for the grant and i don’t have to pay it back. No qualifications needed to be eligible and doesn’t affect your income. Do you know how to do that?

She adds a link (on Facebook), and cvontinues:

Click on this link it will lead you to the agent Facebook page send her a message now letting her know that you just heard about this program and you want to apply

Text the agent and let me know so I can put you through about how I got mine

I don’t respond and file it under: Yeah, right. I’m glupi, but not that glupi (stupid in Polish – a reference to Children of Little Might). 3 minutes later she mails me back:

Did you text the agent yet

Ehr… No. She even tries to call me, but since my sound is off, I don’t catch that call. I then proceed to tell her I researched the subject, and I’m certain this is a scam.

This am telling you is not a scam,it’s very real and legit

If it’s not real I won’t tell you about it

If you can get to their agent and you honest with her you will surely get your wins

Yeah. Right. Real ànd legit. Wow. I’m impressed. Or not (depending on how easily you fall for words). I even go as far as to explain why it’s a scam.

Reason why i tell you is that i just got my wins

I told you before that have heard about alot all this kinds of program which i fake but I when I heard about this I discover this is real and legit

So, what she’s saying in some form of garbled English, is that there are, of course, scammers out there. Except, she’s not one of them.

Now, I don’t know about you. But if you DM someone with great news (easy $$$$), and they call you a liar, would you still try to push them to continue with this?

Why would you? There is nothing in it for you (after all), and if they don’t buy it, then that’s their bad. You won (a 150.000 dollars, after all). Not this one. She continues.

You will surely get your wins if you click on the link i send to you
Just trust me
Once you text the agent let me know so I can put you through
Till you get your wins
Should I show you part of the money I got
Did you
Hope you have text the agent

This has all the elements of a scam.

  1. You can get easy money (and you don’t have to pay it back)
  2. You get contacted (with the good news) out of the blue by a total stranger (for one reason only: to get your money)
  3. They want to help you out of the goodness of their heart. (they only do that because they make a buck themselves)
  4. If you tell them they scam, they tell you others are scammers. Not them. They are honest to God. They even show you proof (I always wonder how. I can fake a picture with lots of money, so that proves nothing)
  5. They also keep pushing. I stopped talking, and they still pushed for a while, until they realized I wouldn’t fall for their ruse. (after all, they lose money themselves).

Don’t fall for this type of scam. No grant (however fun it would be) is easy to get. If it’s true, they will tell their friends about it, not a total stranger. If they offer help (of any kind) be asured they only do that because they get better from that (not you).

Have fun, and keep safe out there.


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