Facebook exposes 100M+ user passwords in plain text

The social media giant (Facebook) has once again hogged the limelight with its latest security misstep.

A bug in Facebook’s password management system caused the system to store hundreds of millions of Facebook (Lite and Instagram included) users’ passwords in plain text, leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks and potential misuse at the hands of Facebook employees.

And, this is where it gets interesting:

  • This issue has been around since 2012.Unbelievable, isn’t it?Around 2,000 facebook engineers and developers have access to these passwords, and they had made 9 million queries using the data set that contained these passwords.

And, it’s safe to say that these passwords might not be restricted to 2,000 employees only 😦

Here is what PureVPN highly recommend you to do right away, like right this second:

  • Change your Facebook & Instagram passwords immediately
  • If you use the same password that you used for Facebook & Instagram for anything else like banking, online shopping etc. then change those password as well immediately, as those details are compromised and can possibly be misused..

We don’t know exactly how it would unfold in coming days, but one thing is certain, online identity of million of users has been compromised!

You can read our blog on Facebook’s latest security blunder for more details.

Whoever wants to, may take a PureVPN account through our link. In that case you support us without any additional costs. You receive our eternal thank.

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