– the ultimate privacy search engine

Whenever you search for information online, you start with your own flavour of search engine. Most swear by, some choose Bing and others, more privacy minded, may opt for DuckDuckGo. But what if the most privacy minded search engine is neither of those?

Searching: the internet is so full of information, that we need search engines to find what we’re looking for. This article, for example, found you through a search engine. The most likely suspect is Google, followed by Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. DuckDuckGo is on a rise, especially for those who are more privacy minded. And yet, a rather unknown search engine with the name was chosen as the most privacy-minded search engine available.

The German Stiftung Warentest, a consumer oriented organization, tested 50 search engines. It looked at the top 6 search results for every search term and then decided which search engine offered the best results. Not only the quality of the results, but also other items such as privacy. came out as the best; better, even, than DuckDuckGo.


Simple. offers you the results Google gives you, but without logging your information the way Google does. proves that you can earn a decent buck without profiting from your users.

So, if (the little) privacy you can have is important to you, I suggest you use either DuckDuckGo or Both keep your privacy safe and in a world where everyone keeps taps on everything we do (including our own governments), that’s a rare commodity.

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