Transcribe with Ms Word online

To transcribe means you start from an audio file and you create a text based on what is said in that audio file. Not only students need it, but journalists or – let’s face it – we authors.

In the old days you taped the interview. You then played it back, in short bursts, so you could write it down. Of course you had to rewind more often than you liked, just to be certain you caught everything. A tedious job, one you have to do yourself or, if you are lucky, someone else nice enough does it for you. No matter who does it, it’s a long job that takes time. No one likes doing it.

Admittedly, there are tools that do it for you. But if you have a license of Office 365, you can do it straight out of Word.

Ms Word online

Or let’s be more precise: from Ms Word online. But only if you have a subscription. Microsoft added it to its Office suite, but didn’t yet add it to her offline suite. For now it’s only available on the online version, and only for those that pay for the license.

There is a second limitation. You get a monthly quote of 300 uploadminutes. Once these are used, you have to wait until the next month before you can continue. On the other hand, that means you have five hours of transcribe rights every month. I can’t imagine a single interview lasts that long.

How to transcribe in Ms Word

  1. Log into your Office 365 account with your credentials. (
  2. Start Ms Word online.
  3. Open the Home-ribbon. If you only see the commands at the top, click on the downward pointing arrow in the right top corner.
  4. Now click on the downward pointing arrow beneath Dictate.
  5. Select Transcribe.
  6. Now you can do two things. If you already recorded the interview, select Upload audio. You then upload the audio file you already made.
  7. But you can use Ms Word to transcribe the interview you still have to do. In this case, click Start recording.
  8. You have to grant access to your mic to make it work, but then you’re all set to go.

Ms Word then transcribes your interview. If different people talk, Ms Word will try to make a difference in the dialogue. You can even add names to it through the transcription editor.

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