Review: PMS Girls by Lisa Alfano

A school for the elite where old money and pedigree and new money and power park their finest girls to receive the best education money can buy. Especially since it’s a public secret that no one knows about; the perfect place to teach girls how the world functions and to keep them safe from the dealings in Washington.

Or is it? We follow Ari, a Platinum Tier Lady that guides us through the Perpetual Mercy School. In case you didn’t catch it, that’s the PMS reference of the title. When Mags leaves for unmarried and pregnant reasons, Bentley arrives. Or rather, ‘Jess’, for the friends. Because Jess hates her real name. Ari – or Arianna Worthington – soon learns there is more to this girl than just money and power. This is the school for the elite, where bullying and forming cliques is your normal daily life.

Jess is what propels the story forward. She starts the game and that’s when Ari has to decide what she wants. This page-turner dives right into the world of girls who have no other worry than gossiping about everyone else. It’s a book filled with friendships – that shatter. There is jealousy, secrets and groups that lock out others. And did I mention: more secrets?

Lisa takes us on a wild ride with an ending I didn’t immediately saw coming. In most of my other review I talk more about what happens in the book, but it would take the fun out of it if I did it with this one. I think it’s best to discover this one on your own.

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