Scam alert: how to lose a job in 3 questions

A couple of days ago I received a very interesting offer: did I want to earn 5.000 dollars per month to write 2 short stories per week?

Of course, I wanted to. There was but one red flag. Well, two, actually. I know what people pay for writing skills, and that’s never close to 5.000 dollars a month. Not even for 8 to 10 short stories a month.

Each story had to be between 1.000 and 3.000 words. Easy, it seemed. But, since I once was a freelance journalist in IT and I sitll have my own blog, I knew there was something fishy going on. For one: I had not postulated for anything. Secondly, the site I was supposed to write stories for… contained not a single story. In fact, it was Australia’s thirds largest streaming service.

Now, anything is possible, so I still aimed high. I first asked what the selection procedure would be. There came no answer (obviously). I didn’t give up and started talking, wondered why she chose me (after all, I am a high profile and very famous author (so far, only in my dreams, but that’s a solid start). Something in my Twitter bio attracted her. Being a little bit digitally smart, I asked her what.

I think the lady saw me coming from miles away. That’s where our conversation stopped and I lost my job of 5.000 dollars a month – even before I got hired.


Let’s face it. This was a pure scam. Why?

  1. The site I had to write for was A streaming service. With NO short stories. Or any other written stories.
  2. I have published 46 books, but only one in English (and number 2 now working on). She couldn’t have known me. And yet, ‘something’ attracted her in my Twitter bio.
  3. 5.000 dollars a month? Really? That alone, should set off any and all alarms. Why would someone offer me so much money each month without knowing what I write or how I write (Yes, she asked me what genre I preferred to write in, though it states I love Fantasy in my Twitter bio).

I’m sure she would have continued with asking me money for whatever service I needed to activate. Or she would have asked me money in some other way.

The weirdest part? She still follows me. And I, her. Nevertheless, I will not write my two short stories a week for her. And I will not catch 5.000 extra dollars a month.

Stay safe out there.

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