Review: One Night Forever – Amy C. Beckinsale

On the Fourth of May a new book from Rethoric Askew Publishing appears, called One Night Forever. A book about love you can order through Amazon.

Love is never as easy as it looks. But what if, one evening, you look back on your life and you decide you got stuck in a dead-end job? Megan is in that situation. Her friends made a beautiful career and she’s still stuck in that shop. Didn’t we all ask ourselves that question one moment or the other?

And then there is Aidan. He’s successful. The prince on the white horse, maybe, except he doesn’t ride a horse, but comes with a limousine. As both prepare for a night out with their best friends, nothing suggests they ever meet (well, actually, that’s not true. They are together in a book, after all).

In fact, Megan is on the receiving end of things, though she’s unaware of what really comes her way. When they sit in an Asian restaurant (where else can you find any decent food in London?) Emma, one of her friends, makes an astounding proposition. One that might change her entire outlook on life. She offers her… But discover that on your own, please.

The story really pops in chapter six. They’re in a club and two pair of eyes meet for the briefest of moments and… Well… Once again, something you must discover on your own. What made this sixth chapter so powerful was a single sentence that popped out for me: She looked like she wasn’t breathing.

Try to imagine that. They look at one another (preferably not too long, imagine the consequences if she really didn’t breathe at all) and while nothing is said, nor anything is insinuated, you feel there happens a lot in that one sentence. This is an author in full control of her characters in a way I wish I could say the same about mine. But I’m digressing and the girl in her golden dress has something to do with that…


It all starts rather innocently, when Aidan pays for all of her drinks. He doesn’t know her. He never talked to her and yet he decides of his own free will to pay for her drinks. And that of her friends, too. If you ever received that gift, you know that’s the start of something. I mean: you drink more when it’s free, right?

It soon turns into more, as well, though with a twist. Aidan and Megan go out to have… a pizza. Of all things.

And so Earth turns around because, well, there is no such thing as a coincidence. Not here, sir. Lady. So, expect some twists you didn’t see coming. And thank god for secrets. Yes. I admit it. I make less and less sense. But I love it. The book, I mean. And especially the conflict.

This is a book about love. I like a good Hallmark movie, though all those love stories are always the same. Boy meets Girl. Both are attracted to one another. Then a secret of their past comes above (and oh, there are some juicy secrets out there) and they split only to get re-united at the end when either the boy or the girl discovers their error.

There are a few secrets – but it comes as a surprise nevertheless. It hurt – more than I want to admit. And while love is a very beautiful thing, it’s capable of doing the worst atrocities. Because it’s always your fault.

A book is about conflict and that’s what you get. But don’t be surprised it comes with a twist – as anything in this story. I can’t help but say I read it in only a few takes. It’s witty, well written and though you know what happens, it somehow gets you to that point where you think: Darn, I didn’t see that one coming.

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