We didn’t Start the Fire: -36 days

I promised it you in the last article: now we explain you where the title Children of Little Might comes from. And what better way than using this song? You might already have guessed the basic idea came from a Billy Joel song: We Didn’t Start the Fire (https://genius.com/Billy-joel-we-didnt-start-the-fire-lyrics). But there is more to it. Much more.

In the third verse of We Didn’t Start the Fire, Joel sings: Children of Thalidomide. I, as so many others I later learned, misunderstood them as Children of the Little Might (http://www.amiright.com/misheard/song/wedidntstartthefire.shtml). And that precise sentence happened to be the exact title this book originally carried. Until someone told me that didn’t really sound right. And so, Children of Little Might came into existence.

But as I said: there was a second reason as well. Every one of us is mighty in one way or the other. It’s a visible Might. Your strength. Your talent if you will. The one thing you are good at. That’s the Big Might.

But the more important Might is a silent one; hidden deep within yourself. I call it the Little Might. It’s a power that stems from within and hides in each one of us. The power (the real and true power, if you ask me) that keeps us going. The power that makes certain that after you fall down, you rise again. And guess what? Most of you carry this Little Might within you.

The title Children of Little Might refers to our inner strength to live through our daily lives and battle the things we come across. And that brings me to Monty – and what he thinks of his autism:

“I hope you realize Mark’s parents can charge you with assault and battery? Your claim you have ASD, won’t save you anymore.”

My Autism Spectrum Disorder never saved me, and it never will. Wikipedia calls it a social impairment. I lack the intuition about others that many take for granted, fail at communication and take things too literal. Add restricted interests and repetitive behavior and you complete my picture.

“Karut!” Or nonsense in Malaysian because I’m not impaired.

I fear I said that with my spoken voice, not with my inner voice, as I intended. As a result, Royal uses his French accent again.

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