I am a rock, I am an Island (I approved my book): -7 days till the release of Children of Little Might

My book is approved. This morning I got some more marketing material, including the back of the book, Children of Little Might. But before that happened, I wondered about the article I wanted to write now. I planned to find a song that best described Monty. And I think I found it: I am a rock, I am an island, by Simon & Garfunkel. That is the perfect song to characterize Monty. He’s alone, but longs for people in his life. People he can call friends, like Storm. Somewhere along, Aislinn joins them. The three of them become inseparable.

But Monty is utterly alone when we meet him. And when I heard this song on the radio, played in a program that discussed autism and music, I could only agree. Monty is that island, but he’s also the rock you can build upon. The friend that won’t leave you behind, even when it gets tough.

The front and back cover of Children of Little Might

I’m going to let the cover talk for itself. A Magic Book, A beautiful Girl and an Impossible wish. That’s what Children of Little Might is all about.

God, I loved creating this story. And I love what my publisher did with it. Now it’s almost time for you to enjoy it. Almost…

Have fun!

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