Is this a kind of magic?: -4 days till the release of Children of Little Might

I’m holding my breath. In 4 days my book is released and that’s a kind of magic. I started this story during a training – because my teacher pushed me to use a new story (though she welcomed a rewrite of an older one as well).

Today, so many years later, I’m 4 days away from the release. That’s… Humbling, to say the least. Something you nurtured for so long, now steps into the world for others to see. They will decide whether they like it. Or not.

20 music videos I chose, today included. It’s a journey, that started so many years earlier, and now, this week, my day will come. The day my book steps out in the light.

That’s a sobering thought. I wrote this book for my daughter, and used my youngest son’s character to bring Monty to life. Why not my daughter’s?

Honestly? I don’t know. I thought of a male child with autism when I imagined Children of Little Might.

I imagined a friend, in a wheelchair. Since Monty acts awkward around girls, Storm couldn’t be his friend if he was a girl. I had Princess Aislinn – a girl that is as girlish as you can get (she’s a princess), but at the same time wasn’t afraid to act. A strong woman, therefore.

The three of them are the Children I talk about in the title. They stand tall, no matter what. They each fight for what they believe in, but they also fight for each other. The chemistry between them, that was what I aimed for.

A child with autism can – and often has – more than one friend. I chose to start from a cliché – because that’s often how people think of them. I wanted to show the cliché, to end the story in a way that showed something else.

Monty – he’s real from the very first letter I typed because I meet him on a daily basis. He is real, the Monty in real life just has a different name. He, too, doesn’t have many friends. He, too, is awkward around people he doesn’t know.

When you read this, I’m working on book three. Book 2 is already finished, but it depends on the sales of this book whether my publisher is willing to continue the series. Book 1 is a stand alone. Book 2 continues a few days / weeks after the end of book 1. I’m not yet going to tell you a lot about it, but while the first book happens in a fantasy kingdom in another world, book 2 happens in our world. Monty has no magic to fall back on – and worse, he is on his own. No Storm (though he wants to help), and no Aislinn (though she won’t abandon him). Book 2 and 3 are one story. So if my publisher chooses to continue with book 2, they will have to publish book 3 as well.

Monty’s travels aren’t yet over. Certainly not after book 1. I always figured I Stopped writing stories about Monty after book 3, but Monty seems to disagree. Not that any decision has been made. Either way, after book 3, no matter what, I pick up another project and see where that heads to.

Another snipet from Children of Little Might:

“Montaik. Where do you think you are going?” says Mom.

I stop, annoyed I didn’t get farther. A few yards more and I would have disappeared out of view to slip around the house, fetch my bike and go to the ranch house.

“School?” I offer.

It’s the one excuse I hope fools Mom.

“No, you don’t.”

I grit my teeth. She always sends me to school with the lamest excuses. It’s important. You find no work without a diploma. Or school is obligatory. But once I tell her I go to school, she stops me?

“There are several things I don’t understand, and I plan to get to the bottom of this. I’m sure Bill wants to talk to you as well.”

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