Brave – My search for attention for Children of Little Might

And you can take that literally. Children of Little Might is out… And I need to make a little splash to get it out there. People are reading it, but as I’m very well aware, reading is slow.

So, I have to find other ways to make a splash. The first logical choice is to go to those that do reviews. A very good address is Indie View. They have a list of people who review books – an ideal start, if it wasn’t for the fact that every author out there wants them to review their ‘unique’ book.

A Different Kind of Read is a place where Special Needs books can get a review – so that’s obviously one place I send my book to, hoping that she find it in her heart to read and review it. Another one is Howling Turtle, but the site is now closed. Here, once more a woman reads the books, but sadly enough needds to work through her To Be Read (TBR) list before she can open again, so that’s something for the future.

If you want to throw money against it, know there are some places where you can participate in contests. There are plenty of awards you can find, but be aware that these cost money. So look closely at what they offer – and whether or not you think they are valuable.

I have an additional way to get my book some much needed attention – I hope. I have a list of autism organizations where they review books, like Every Step of the Way. I’ve send my book to this foundation, hoping – wishing – that they review it. The idea behind the book is to show people that autism doesn’t have to be ‘only’ a problem. It may offer a solution as well (which, I admit, is easy in Fantasy stories), but even in real life there are plenty of situations where autism is a blessing instead of a handicap. Simply look at programmers and their eye for details.

Another venue chosen by me are newspapers. I have the luck not to live in a country where English is a mother tongue. It therefore means that if you publish a book in English, press is easier persuaded to do a piece on it. One of the local newspapers will get in touch with me to create a story around this story.

Don’t expect it to be a ‘large’ story. Or front page material. It’s going to be on page 46, and probably about two columns – but it’s a start and it may build interest.

The story isn’t yet finished, but this is as far as I got, apart from the ordinary posts on Social Media. I will keep you posted as this story develops. But I can tell you one thing already…

Find a publisher is hard, you think? Doing the marketing is a lot harder. But I won’t quit so easily! And therefore: Brave, from Sara Bareilles. Because I need to be brave to continue.

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