Stand by you – I needed this

We have a saying here in Belgium: you fill a child’s hand very fast. In my case, that’s more than true.

I’ve been working hard to get my book reviewed. The ARC-team I had fell apart (people don’t have the time, right now), but in its place came a few others. So, I tried book reviewers. The only problem is that their lists are so long it takes an eternity – and even then you’re not sure they even plan to review the book.

For clarities sake: I’m not blaming anyone. If anything, it’s obvious that I don’t have the skills to sell my book. I’m a Bachelor in Marketing who can’t sell his own book. I’m sure you can imagine how that Imposter Syndrome rages around in my head, right now.

It was quite tough last weekend. I started to reach out to autism groups and received the same cold shoulder. As I said before: I don’t blame them. I blame myself. It’s hard to find the right beat – or to know what you have to do. But add to it that I don’t listen to those who know better, and you understand why I fail. I fail, and not the others.

So, why don’t I do what they tell me to? Because I often don’t have an idea what to talk about. When I look at what other authors do, I often wonder why I don’t follow them. The answer to that is simple: because who gives a f**k?

The Imposter Syndrome, you know? And yes, I’m aware of how foolish it is. I know that. And still…

But then came Toby. I don’t know who Toby is. I Send his autism organization a mail with the question if they were interested in reviewing my book in one of their upcoming newsletters.

He didn’t say he would, but he offered me something else. I could put a message on their Facebook-page. And he made my day when he wrote:

[…] Many thanks for your email and for sending us this information regarding your book, which does sound like a very interesting read and a nice concept. If you wanted to post this on the facebook page we are sure that this would receive much interest and also enable other parents to be able to communicate with you directly. […]

It was precisely what I needed to continue. It isn’t much – and maybe parents won’t even notice it – but he told me what everyone likes to hear: you’re doing an awesome job.

Toby works for the Cloud 9 Children Foundation, you can find more about them on their website: WithYouEveryStepOfTheWay. As far as I can tell, it’s situated in New Zealand (so, really at the other side of the world for me). They do a lot of work with children and even organize Minecraft sessions. So I added my book, explaining them where I came from and what drove me to write it. Toby (or one of his colleagues) approved it and now people in New Zealand know my book exists.

I’m happy as a child. Stupid (glupi, as Monty would say), no doubt, but I told you before: a child’s hand is easy to fill. And there is more news underway…

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